Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 9 prince hall freemasons & bloodline

what is prince hall freemasons  let's talk about  american black freemasonary  the prince hall here is full exposed of famous black  prince hall freemasons  example  jese jackson  persident  barak obamma etc  prince hall freemasonary is american second bigger freemasonary  lodges & ocult membership  why they re dangerous & wise then loyal to ark  cause they come in sheep dress to blow people minds example  barak obamma who claim to be muslim or christean sometime but he aint jay z who wear cross sometimes but he aint christean  jese jackson who ve faith with christeans but he is not christean who is enemy of relgions  m j  famous pop singer was 32rd princehall freemason who killed by his doctor  who also a prince hall freemason here is list of top prince hall freemasons . here re top 10 princehall freemasons & their exposed .   

                                               Mw bro princehall (1735 1807)

1st  jese jackson

jese jackson  is 33rd degree master mason  Harmony Lodge No. 88, Chicago, Illinois  why he got high lodge cause he  big bloodline person ever he made very worst plans kill many people  burn  & prison many people he also write a beast letter to  brotherhood lodge royal to ark freemasons  bill clinton  then g w bush in 1999  he also take over the some christeans chruch and continute to destorying them jese claim that prince hall freemasonary will take over the 40 percent chruchs soon  jese jackson also a member of bohimian grove in san north ca bohimian grove for all lodges  jese jackson  is  1st top beast of princehall   member of bohimian grove & ocult chruch  he also famous for a book bloodline deaths who were inocent iraqi peoples  deaths some people claim that jese is good person but it's aint true jese jackson is illuminati prince hall freemason he only controll couple chruchs  he know that who kill martin luther jr  why he aint mention cause   freemasons kill martin luther jr the person who kill martin luther  was 32rd degree loyal to ark temple freemason  jese jackson bought 50 nightclubs & bars this is truth tell by journlist who was killed in 97  his more truth will be added later jese jackson & barak obamma re very deep friends since 70  their friendship start from princehall freemasonary  

2  Conrad Murray 

conrad murray aka high level prince hall freemason  he got master freemason degree in 80 he is illuminati beast number 3  he is an famous for unknow inocent people deaths 1000 were christean  20' 000 were muslims who became victom of  doctor conrad murray he is very dangerous beast who kill people by his poisson medicine he sold million poisson medicine in local why many poor africans got killed after eat medicine in 2005 ? who was person he mix poisson in their meals drink and medicine  the conrad murray 33rd degree prince hall freemason who killed inocent  he also sold poisson medicine in harlem local stores in america  he also doctor of famous pop star micheal jackson since long time mj also was freemason music industry worker why he got killed by his own master mason doctor conrad murray cause try to convert into islam  this is why conrat murray give him poisson injection  and killed him  conrad murray  is very fast friend of former persident of america bill clinton his all exposed will be added in next post save your family & kids from conard murray  cause he must be dangrous for you even your religion . 

3 al sharpton

al sharpton 33rd degree princehall freemason  al sharpton is 3rd worst person who want only blood this is why he called himself fan of aliester crowley  second founder of ocult america  al sharpton is minster of unknow baptist  but he is unknow  he became minster for a mission and that mission will be end soon why he became cause prince hall freemasonary claim that they will take over 50 percent christeans chruchs and will teach him about freemasonary illuminati & ocult  al sharpton claim that he will blast all iraq afghanistan and others soon  he is also member of bohimian grove as all others freemasons  all masons call him aka bloodline 3rd  al sharpton  have fatih with christean  he is not a christean or something he is worst person for them all al sharpton father was  member of anton levay stan chruch san fransico he is 4th member of  bohiamian grove  in north ca & ocult secret socities new york city   .

4  thomas bradley 

thomas bradley  is an old princehall freemason even his father was  princehall freemason he became master mason 33rd degree  in 1960  he is top 4 bloodline illuminati freemason  thomas bradley is anti religion  but he ve false faith with baptist chruchs in l a  thomas bradley famous for his shit works & books on  religions thomas bradley join  bohimian grove club in mid 85  he love all freemasons why cause their dirty ass plans re same  marcus smith rip  try to exposed his truth in 90's  before he exposed him they got killed him  by law  this is why freeemasons controll everything  . .


5   Wilson Goode 

wilson goode  is  5th  bastard of his time  he is motherfuker who behind the killing people  in philadelphia  but still unknow  he is master 32rd degree princehall  masonic lodge philadelphia  he famous for son of light mean lucifer son  he is member of  ocult chruch philadelphia  mr wilson godge  is powerful mayor in philadelphia he  is false lover  false flag person  carl jese sr tell peoples that wilson goode write book with blood of people but that book could not publish  due to requests .


6  Benjamin L. Hooks

mr benjamin l hooks an old freemason of princehall freemasonary  he is 33rd degree master mason degree  mr bejamin l hooks  was shit person of his time this why g w bush brotherhood loayal to ark freemason give him honor  he famous of illuminati hound bloodline most dangrous he had false faith with baptist chruch some baptists brother's  & sisters know about this beast that he is princehall freemason  every princehall mason will be wise he will crazy people  like ghost . 


Thurgood Marshall

who is this law cat  yes mr  thurgood marshall is  33rd degree princehall freemason  he famous for law thurgood marshall was stupid ass motherfuker of his time why cause he was  top 7th bloodline person of his time he also worte a secret book  take over the life's mean kill people arround every corner same from book found in 911 which was illuminati & freemasonary inside job  why that letter cause freemasons controll everything . 


8  Daniel "Chappie" James 

who is this pussy a famous  yes mr daniel chappie james  is 33rd degree princehall freemason he serve american air force  he also member of ocult chruch called chruch of stan & secret socities he is 8th princehall bloodline freemason of his time  . 


9  barak hussian obamma  

who is barak hussian obamma  some believe his is muslim & some believe he is christean  nah he is princehall freemason since 1970 he got 33rd degree master mason degree his wife is eastern star women this is why he became persident cause every freemason will be persident of american remember obamma also a stan club member  &  member of bohimian grove ca  he always give 666 sing mean mudder mudder jesus mark of beast his mother was jewish and her father freemason  . 





keep reading about princehall freemason's  

by  malcolm ali jr 

aka wild wild east 


  1. No Mason Is The Illuminati. You're Saying This Because You Want To Know What They Do. Since You Feel This Way About Masons Then You're Telling Me All Fraternities And Sororities Are Representatives Of The Illuminati!!! Learn Your History People!!!

  2. Dude come on. You couldn't even spell check the mother fucker? How do you expect people to take you serious if you don't know the difference between their, there, and they're?

  3. You have know idea what your talking about. Black folks get on my nerves everyone that is famous and black has to be a devil worshipper to become rich and famous not from hard work. I am a PHA MASON and that bloodline bullshit your talking is exactly what it is bullshit. You probably have never served a day in the military and have the nerve to call a man that served in a segregated military to become a general in the united states air-force a pussy. Guys like you sit back and read a lot of conspiracy bullshit an believe it.

  4. You have dime nothing but proved yourself to be a dumb ass. You gave no clue what you're talking about. Where is the evidence that freemason's worship the devil. Because you heara thousand other people claim this to be true you believe it. Before you make a fool of yourself find facts. Haha I had to read this again man you really should have taken your 4th grade language class a little more serious

  5. Brothers don’t even waste your time educating this ASS HOLE. This ass wants us to feed him information. Don’t give him anything. As you can see he knows nothing.

  6. This page is the biggest bunch of bull shit I have ever seen in my life. To make up this like this is ridiculous. There is no use talking to you because you are too stupid to be educated. This page is close to treason with it involving and accusing the president.. Though I know, he wouldn't waste his time like I am doing this second...I am out of here.

  7. You are the biggest idiot I've ever seen... Thanks for the bellicose laughs, retard.

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  10. It seems to me you are a very misinformed person. I see that you are really searching for knowledge and are afraid to come out of the shadows and darkness to be enlighten with the truth. You poor lost soul! Please work on gathering the courage to approach a brethren in good standing in a lodge of working under a charter or dispostonn of a .grand Lodge of competence jurdistion empowering it to work. Leave the rest to us. No insult, but please use spell check. God bless!

  11. U dumb son of a bitch obama is not in the order of masonry nor is his wife dumn ass and learn how to spell

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